April 30, 2009

The post response, Post.

An utter lack of imagination compounded with a plethora of personal problems has created a rift between you, my lovely readers, and Myself.
Just for the record I am still quite comfortable with my masculinity and there is no trans-gender confusion nor conversions occurring. I am NYD and Blanch Dubois was a respite from a momentary lapse of joviality.

The golden Week holidays are kicking in and I will be scarce for the next couple of days, but at the rate that I post these days most of you would have not noticed this unless I mentioned it; which OI did, so there.

Here are my thoughts and responses to my previous post with a little icing on the cake for sweetness.

Lime~ I really loved the post about the sunglasses. Seeing you and your daughters trying on all kinds of wacky eye apparel made me want to go out and do the same.

Your recent posts on food have been tantalizing. Were I not on a diet I would have whipped up a whole lot of chicken and waffles for dinner.

Grant~ I truly hope that you are feeling better. I want you to know that I can no longer walk or drive down the street and see a woman without wondering if she's up to "Bunny" standards.

Beth~ The best thing you can say about friends is that they'll always tell something to keep your spirits up- even when it's a bald-faced lie. Cheers!

Citizen~ Much like your moniker states, you are straightforward and literal in your writing and thinking. I enjoy the forthrightness of your posts and comments immensely.

Megan~ While everyone else was poking fun at my appearence you had the unusual ability to ignore the idiocy staring you in the face and the bravery to click on the picture thereby making the hideousness even more gargantuan, all in order to settle a single point of curiosity. As a reward you will eventually get your picture.

Spin~ I could tell you that I've looked better, but not only would you have known it, you would have turned the statement into a sexy little licentious double entedre.

Kurt~ You are a rock!

Pug~ Thanks for Banche. You will never know just how badly I needed that bit of jocularity. I am looking through the thrift shops for a portable Karaoke set.

Grunt~ I am entranced by the deeply disturbed posts and utter discombobulation that appears on your pages. Your honesty and coolness are apparent even when you weren't feeling so great. You are not only correct that guitar is the path to salvation. I believe it is saving my life.
P.S. Mike Rowe has the second best occupation in the world.

Mona~ Tenderness, beauty and erudition is a rare enough trait in a single human being, yet to find that one person posses all three is simly remarkable. I love reading both your prose and poetry. Your words make me want to travel, to leave the ordinary behind and search for the elusive end of the rainbow.

Java Junkie~ I want to sit at your table and eat 'til I've gained back all the weight i've lost!

NME~ Some people feel too much and they are doomed to a fate of eternally trying, not only to understand the problems of the world, but also to make folks understand them and love each other. How frustrating it must seem to be like Cassandra; whose words of truth and prophesy were never understood.

SJ~ Amazing how in the midst of a lousy situation at work you can still find time to come up with something funny to say. Whenever I am in need of a sturdy right hook and a tickle of the funny bone along with some of the most inventive word play I have ever read, I will be at your house doing my best to keep up with you and your cohorts.

Halvah= Love!

Dawn~ I think that anyone in this awesome list of people would love your blog. It is bright funny and there are plenty of pictures of cute women. I can think of the perfect Humphry Bogart quote to put here...

Boxer~ I only wish!!!!
Sturdy and feminine. I imagine you as being all the things I like about girls and all the things I like about guys all rolled into one (don't get the wrong idea).
Hard working independant business owners are a rare breed theese days.

Moi~ If I didn then I most certainly wouldn't be in Japan teaching English.
I always enjoy the way you are able to put forth ideas with a appropriate balance of emotion and intellect. The spring teel in your spine lets you be opinionated without becoming boorish or crass. Refreshing like an autumn apple.

P.S. You might think that Eve was framed, but I have always believed that she could well handle herself.

K-9 Artistic and defiant, bringing both light and pigment together to provide everyone with a little bit of warmth.
Your Christmas creations of CD covers for all that visit your house, left me with an enduring impression of sensitivity and grace. But another truth is that you often scare the bejeezus out of me. Yourbark and your bite are fearsom- Grrhahahaha!

Leelee~ I can't imagine any one who I'd rather party with. You are always so full of life that I will just have to forgive you for becoming a facebook addict. Althought the things you are doing there are a blast to see.

Baby, YOU were born to run!

Love to all,


Blanche DuBois said...

WooHooo!!!!!! Big titties and Fire engines. I got here first!!!!!!!

lime said...

if calling yourself blanche dubois is what it takes to get through the day then i say rock on. i've been known to rely on the kindness of bloggers myself from time to time. i've also found standing in the rain and shouting helpful.

nice little nod to everyone here turned into a right nice post. whatever it is that's plaguing you hang in there and keep making your own controlled insanity to keep the uncontrolled kind at bay.

Spin said...

I feel I have offended you. If this is the case I'm sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.

moi said...

Sniff. Don't work too hard. And play something upbeat on your life soundtrack, 'kay?

NYD said...

Blanch, begone. You've had your fun now go invade someone else. You succubus.

Lime, as always, good soild advice, but I am praying that the rain stays away for the next ten days...golf.

Spin. Oh no, honey. There's nothing I like more than some good double entendre. You are delightfully saucy! YUM!!!

Moi, my dear. Life and work and play all require all we can give them, but I shall do my best to keep 'em all dancin' to a reggae beat.

Grant said...

If she's Japanese (and preferably alive), she probably meets my minimum standard. I'm also flexible on the Japanese part.

Spin said...

Thanks! The last thing I want to do is upset my favorite bloggers.

Dawn said...

Well, thank you! I've only just started reading your blog so I think I missed this Blanch Dubois... episode...

Anyway... enjoy the golden week... whatever that is... and hey, what brought you to Japan and how long have you been there?

Beth said...

No rift between this reader and you.
And I was enchanted with Blanche's visit to my blog!

Mona said...


So much praise in one breath...it makes me breathless!

Why thank you NYD! You are so sweet to have said those things about us all!

PS. I came to tell you that Tazza taaza khabar means fresh fresh news!

NYD said...

Grant~ That's one of the things I like about you; your utter lack of standards. lol.

Spinner- No worries. How's the car coming?

Dawn~ Welcome back. Golden week is when the entire nation goes on vacation en masse. So if you are planning an invasion....

To answer your query: An airplane. Forever and a day.

Beth~ I don't mind getting wacky here at home, but weirding out on other peoples pages is kinda freaky.

Mona~ Sweet. I had a completely different idea about Tazza tazza kabhar- glad to see that I was mistaken.

Oh, and the other stuff. Well, I just calls it like I sees it, Ma'am.

Serena said...

Damn, I was gonna say something witty and then I saw your opening comment, spewed tea all over myself, and forgot what I was gonna say. Ahhhhhhh. Well, then, I adore Blanche DuBois -- she's a sister Southern belle, you know -- and have thoroughly enjoyed your Blanche incarnation. Never thought for a second you were trans-gendering, babe; not the NYD I know. Thank you for the sweet comment. The work thing just goes from bad to worse. I could be catatonic soon. I just hope I can find something funny to blink or nod or somehow communicate about that.:-)

Kurt said...

Well it's not like NYD is your real name either.

NYD said...

SJ~ Things will get better at work and if it doesn't you can always conjure up Stanley and send them all packing

Kurt~ That's true, but at one point in the backwater burg that I live in there were four other Davids, so when someone was referring to me they had to call me New York Dave. That was shortend to NYD about a dozen years ago so the moniker stuck and that is what people actually call me.
Owen is my middle name and I like the way it sounds and the person I recieved it from.

You are still a rock!

Dawn said...

Oh you smart alec.

TROLL Y2K said...

Are there any English Language Haiku contests in Japan? I'm ready to throwdown with the natives.

Megan said...

I'm unusual and brave! And so are you, dear. So. Are. You.

The Grunt said...

My middle initial "D" will now stand for "Disturbed" instead of David.

Anonymous said...

Aww! That was fun!

Anonymous said...

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