April 19, 2010

...Dave's not here

What a F'kin week!

The Chinese govt. has refused me a visa so I cannot attend my friends wedding.
My motorcycle is in the shop and I don't know when I will get it back.
My car must have it's bi-annual inspection and I would rather sell it than go through the trouble of maintaining it (The cost of an inspection here can be more than $1500.)
My hair is growing and I can't find a shampoo that doesn't make me smell like a two bit whore. (Even dogs are wary of me...)

Classes at the university have started and although I welcome them, (At this point in the game any distraction is received with open arms.) I am amazed at the innocence of college freshmen.

They actually trust me to teach them. Lordy are they in trouble...
There are some good things that have come my way.
I have been cooking my ass off and eating some of the best damn food I have eaten in about three years.
I have gotten reacquainted with friends that I haven't hung out with in a very looooong time.
I have lost about seven pounds. (I don't have enough money for both food and booze- guess which wins?)
I bought a box of condoms as a sign of good faith...I'm not really sure if I remember how to use them. Probably like riding a bike.

Don't ring my doorbell tomorrow, don't call my phone. Stay away from my mailbox and don't ask me for directions.
I'm logging off and shutting down, so please don't try to jack into my system.....

Talk again soon,


lime said...

(muttering under breath at blogger for eating my comment)

i guess the box of condoms and whorish smelling hair made the chinese bastards pretty sure you're ready to foment rebellion.

lime said...

oh, and there it shows up anyway....i swear....pass me some of that booze, would ya?

NYD said...

I like the way you remember your own thoughts, Lime.
Getting two laughs for the price of one....I owe you a drink!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thinking of you~
Oh, and my friend asked me to tell you something...


I wanted to send a hug, but he insisted on the above :)

NYD said...


I'm still filled with stompiness.
Hugs are very welcome and sorely needed... (Like many things; you never truly realize just how nice they are until you don't get them anymore.)

lime said...

i could use a drink, thanks!

Megan said...

Gimme some of that shampoo.

Serena said...

You're having a time of it, huh? Sure hope the Chinese folks get the visa straightened out. $1500 for a car inspection?! Geez, I could NOT afford to live in Japan. I don't know what to tell you about the whorish smelling shampoo -- other than to experiment. Experimenting can be a good thing, you know.:)

Pink said...