April 06, 2006

Rewriting Herstory.

In the beginning, actually it was before the beginning, but not all of the beginnings, God noticed that it was impossible, well, maybe not impossible, but really tough, to read a wristwatch in the dark and said.
Let there be light.
And the word caused the creation of not only light, but of all the neon signs, lamp and lighting stores, pachinko parlors, Las Vegas, department stores, the electric company, Times square and of course the meter reader man.
God looked down upon all this and saw that it was incomplete, so she decided to go shopping.
She went to the nursery and bought the trees and flowers, the grassy plains and furious jungles. She placed them carefully around the globe according to the strictest adherence to feng- shui principals.
A local pet shop provided her with lots of soft fuzzy creatures to compliment the flowers and shrubbery. Upon exiting the pet store she spied a building that she had overlooked before. It was large, had a loading dock and in front of it were parked dozens of pick-up trucks. God whipped out her zircon encrusted opera glasses and inspected things a little more carefully. Home depot, Hmmm..... What could that be?
An instantaneous, omnipotent scan told her that this was not a place for her nor any creature similar to her. It did give her an idea though. She'd create a being most suited to utilize a shop such as this . Try as she might, this was one thing that eluded her. She had no clue as to the workings of the mind that would search out and patronize such an establishment. This was a job for one of her underlings. Actually, one specific minion who didn't see eye to eye with her, so she'd had him tossed.
Her boy Louie, took one look at his former boss and knew lickedy split just what was needed to get the job done. One bright green flash of light and a bit of smoke was all that was needed to conceal the little bit of his magic from gods prying eyes. His creation just happened to look like him and was a complete enigma to her godliness. Seeing a good thing and not wanting to waste any time on an original thought of her own she whipped up a likeness in her image. Louie didn't much like being plagiarised and started to complain when the goddess struck a bargain with him. Being all powerful has some advantages when "negotiating" contracts. Louie sold out and got his own digs where he could do what he wanted without any outside interference. That seemed like a good thing and he passed that idea along to his dude at the depot. Eventually Lou's man and god's woman, Who not to be out done she had to be more than man, she is a "WO", met and realized that there were some interesting differences between them.
They thought it might be a good idea to get together and figure out what those differences were. Little did they know about God's twisted humor and Louie's sense of irony....

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