April 04, 2006


This might sound odd but I have quite a few broken, unwound, run down watches and clocks in my room. In fact, right now I'm looking at an old wind up alarm clock that I keep near my computer. The clock reads five minutes to four, but the digital display on my screen tells me it's 9:57 .
No, I'm not obsessesd with time eventhough I am a New Yawker. I simply like the way timepieces look. I think one of the biggest mistakes a person can make with their lives is to allow their every movement and action to be dictated by an unnatural machine. I understand that we all live within some time constraints, but that doesn't mean that you can't try to get out of the daily rut. Clocks that tell different time are helpful to me because somewhere the time they are reporting is correct. It may be correct for someone in Malasia or Timbuktu and that's where the fun starts. I allow my imagination to take me to a different place, and time no longer troubles me.

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