April 05, 2006

Unintentional Hangover

I woke up feeling a little bit sluggish today. Last night was a fairly exciting one. Crispy and I got into a couple of fairly spirited discussions about the difference between men and women. We took a psychological gender test and thankfully discovered that I was a man and she was a woman. Actually there was a moment when we were scoring the tests and we forgot to include one of the calculations, I turned out to be a very masculine woman~scary.
That produced a giggle and a snort from my feminine half.
Crispy studied psychology in college, so anytime I am reading books that have to do with the subject, which is quite often due to my interests in hypnosis, nlp , education and general self improvement, I can count on getting loads of comments about the author or the subject material. I like to talk about the book of the moment with those around me and get a feeling for other peoples take on different subjects.
Right now I'm reading a book about gender differences and some of the feedback I'm getting is pretty cool. Most folks agree that men and women are different, but when I go from generation to generation, the differences themselves change. Older couples look at each other through a separate pair of glasses than younger couples do. Albeit with the same amount of confusion, love, respect, frustration, sentimentality and loathing.
Maybe some day I'll be able to clearly understand all of the things and people that I encounter.
Until that day comes I'm going to enjoy the confusion and apologise for any mistakes.

I know I'm not supposed to be drinking , but I'm not Superman, ya know?

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