May 23, 2006

Broken River

It seems to me that a person can devote too much time to others and not think about taking a bit of that time and being selfish with it.
Since the weather has finally come around, I have started riding my mountain bike around the countryside. I spend anywhere from forty to ninety minutes crusing the hilly areas and parks in my neighborhood. Its good therapy, both for my body and my mind.
I like my bike. It's a lot like me.
When I bought it, it was top of the line, sleek, made for racing, and light. Now, in the past 16 years since I puchased it there have been so many advancements in design, that it's outdated, clunky, slow and heavy. However that suits me fine 'cause I ain't taking it out for anything more than a friendly cruise around town.
The ride usually starts out the same way everyday with me trying not to think about the various things that are waiting for me when I get to the school, which is looking awsome by the way.
There is something special about losing yourself in an activity, any activity.
Entering the void where conscious thought dissapates and the true spirit takes over. It makes me want to just keep pedaling forever.
Eventually I have to return home and get ready for the daily grind, but I have to say that the day goes much smoother and the little problems that occur during my time at work rarely stress me out anymore.
There are many forms of escape. This one seems to be the one that suits me best.

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J.Gandolfini said...

That was truly inspirational. Makes me want to go out, buy a great bike, cheap, but useful and take a ride around the city. It's a shame they don't make bikes sturdy enough to hold the weight of someone my size. I'm looking forward to making it my business to lose this and finally get a chance to see the city I love so much. Taking a ride around Central Park has always been a pleasure of mine, whether or not I fall and hurt myself, someone is always around to either help or rob me. But at least they help me up from the ground first. I'm only kidding about being robbed. Your description takes me with you around the peaceful experience and enjoyment you have when you leave everything behind and take to the road. How wonderful it feels to glide along with you up and down the hills and feel the crisp wind blow thru my hair. Until I can do it myself I will read your description again and again, giving me the desire to get there myself. Can't wait to hear about the next ride.


J. Gandolfini