July 13, 2006

Can I get some ketchup with that

Yesterday I was reading about Tokyo Girl's reminiscence of her first experiences in Japan.
This got me to thinking of what it was like for me. Being born in New York City makes it really difficult to adjust to any other place, especially one that is as inconsequential as Morioka. I can recall some of the totally disgusting dishes, like Natto, which I have since come to love. I remember getting used to strange beverages like grapefruit soda or sports drink called Post water, which I just couldn't and still can't, find the courage to slake my thirst with.

You'll be surprised what you might end up eating or drinking when you can't read the labels. I have had numerous escapades with unusual snacks, generally fish flavored, that have left me doubting that I would ever be able to go to a friends house and pick up a chip and pop it into my mouth without hesitation. To this day, I still make sure what flavor chip I'm being offered before I eat it.
When it comes to food, the Japanese aren't as finicky as Americans. They'll devour just about anything that the body can process and they don't even expect it to be cooked. If you ever get around to this corner of the world be prepared for a truly unusual gastronomical experience.

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