July 14, 2006


It's kinda scarey for a guy to realize that his wife is a helluva lot smarter than he is.
I'm not sure if you know what the TOEIC test is, but in a nutshell it's the international English exam that business use to determine an applicants ability to function in an English working environment .
Many people spend years and thousands of dollars trying to get a score of over 680 points.
The picture above is the result of my wife's first attempt at the TOEIC exam after almost no study time and very little preperation.
Granted she lives with me and is exposed to the English language on a daily basis, but to get a score of over 900 is AMAZING!!!!!!
I am truly proud of her and I just wanted to let her know that from now on she'll be taking over my teaching responsibilities

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puremcc said...

Tell your wife I said, "Congratulations!" Also, I'm very envious of you. I hope that if I ever get married, and I would very much like to, that my wife will be smarter than me.