July 22, 2006


I ah, haven't been able to post anything this week 'cause ah, well ah, I've been too lazy to sit down and concentrate on the things that have been going on. The rainy season is still hanging around and it's causing an oppressive mood all over the city. No one wants to go out for a drink after work so I generally just head straight home and settle down for the evening with a book.
Right now I'm re-reading The Half Blood Prince and it's just as good a read the third time around as it was the first.
There is a no smoking in the house ban that has been enforced by my wife since last year and whenever I want to light up I either have to stick my head under the exhaust hood in the kitchen in bad weather or go out onto the balcony to enjoy a bit of nicotine. Apparently other homes have the same rule 'cause when I'm standing on the verandah I notice from time to time little flashes of light that look like lightning bugs coming from some of the neighboring porches. It seems that many of the husbands living in the same complex as I have to step out for a smoke. I often wonder, when I bump into one of my neighbors, if he was the same guy I saw leaning against the railing the previous night. It's amazing how much we have in common with the other people living around us.

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