July 05, 2006

Rain, rain go away

Last sunday was spent in Misawa, A real freindly town. Although I've never tried it, I suspect that you could go into almost any fastfood restaurant or convenience store and ask for something in English, and get what you wanted.
I wasn't there for experiments. I was there to teach.
The weather was none too good in the morning and by lunch it had turned to total crap. But even in those adverse conditions the kids were undaunted. Their excitement kept us going throughout the day. Last time I posted pics of the participants. This time I thought that it would be cool to show you the goofy instructors...

The day is just getting started.

Maestro, music please. I guess that getting the kids to ride is alot like conducting an orchestra.

I know everything there is about bikes, but I can't figure out my cell-phone.

She's gonna kill me when she sees I posted this pic. LOL

The three and a half stooges
Would you let these guys teach your kids?

OK,OK I own a Miffy bento.
You gotta be macho to run with Miffy.

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