April 08, 2007

Fate sticks her thumb in the pie

Look below for the first part of the story.

The mad and somewhat suicidal dash to the airport got us to the check in counter with about fifteen minutes to spare. I successfully eluded being caught by the cops while breaking almost every known traffic law on the books and probably a few that weren't.

We grabbed our suitcases from the car and made our way to the counter where we were told that our flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons. You gotta be kidding! Our connecting flight wasn't until the evening, but what were we going to do for four hours at an airport in which the biggest attraction was one of those cardboard cutouts for kids that you stand behind and stick your face through and you parents take your picture

Well with nothing better to do we took the picture and roamed around thae airport for a while.
On the roof of the building was a "museum" of sorts actually it was more like a junkyard of old airplane parts that they let folks play around on. Old tires, cockpits, engines and propellers that they hauled to the top of the building because they had no other place to put the stuff.

The thing that amazed us was that we originally wanted the afternoon flight, but they told us that it was fully booked. I'm wondering how they managed to find room on the plane for us.

The flight to Nagoya took just over an hour and we still had two hours to kill before we took off to Hawaii. This is where I got my revenge on the unsuspecting Scary Monster. We all met up at the departure hall where I broke the news to him that we were flying business class and would be waiting for our flight in the VIP lounge. I kidnapped his toy monster and Crispy and I left the poor souls for the luxury of free beer and food...

Unfortunately I was unable to return "Scary" to his owner for the flight to the islands so he accompanied Crispy and I in the elegant atmosphere that only exists at the front of the airplane.

Next post: Stuff that happened in Hawaii.


Rebelbelle said...

To me- it seems you have a fun time wherever you go...

Is the Monster IN your wine glass?
LOL- Oh my- if so, I want to party with HIM next time! :)

I saw your link to your other post-"Tobacco Road"- it caught my attention because I'm in the former Tobacco capital of the US-
I find it interesting that someone so far away would mention something I've lived close to all my life-
Brightleaf, or basketball...
I'm in the middle of it :)

NYD said...

Tobacco road is just a place where I put my pics.
It's open again so come on by.