April 20, 2007

I am not a Luddite

I am a media hermit. I don't like e-mailing people much either.
The occasional note here and there and a small dose of network news is enough for me.
I turned on my tv last night and discovered that once again some misguided fool has done something terrible. Didn't really want to know any more about it so I turned off the idiot box, put on some tunes and started checking through my mailbox instead.
Tons of stuff to delete and about a dozen letters from friends that need answering.
With the lightning fast speed of the internet, I find that people often get irritated if my response to their letters is a week old. Now that things can be done so quickly; most everyone believes that they should.
In my youth that was called "living up to your potential."

Last night My wife called me a "digilogue." She believes me to be an analogue person in a digital world. I think she might have something there.

I got tagged by the Scary Monster and I am supposed to play this game where I write down five of my favorite blogs.
Well , to be honest I think this is a little silly. There are places that I go, but I don't know if any one else would like them.
The places I like are ones that let me chill out for a while and get some laughs or do some thinking.
I have never had a favorite anything. I am way to shallow for that.
My likes are capricious, dependant on my moods.
If I visit you and you visit me that ought to be good enough.
Sorry for not playing.


Serena Joy said...

Just stopping by to say hey. You're not around so much, but I always enjoy seeing what you have to say when you do pop up. I'm bad about answering e-mail, too. I always intend to and then something comes along to sidetrack me and I forget, and then the mail gets old. And older.

NYD said...

HI serena.
Had to clear my plate before starting dessert.
Will be around more often.

X. Dell said...

Sorry, NYD. I don't have any snappy comebacks. But I would say that a luddite is definitely out of place in Japan.

I understand what you mean about technology. It's almost as though people think you should be somehow connected to the machine biologically 24/7/52.

I guess technology has this way of compressing time. As a young college student, it took me forty-five minutes to bake a potato. Of course, once I discovered microwaves, I can now bake a potto in six minutes. And now, those six minutes seem like too long a wait.

Same with the Internet. Back in the bad old days, I'd write a letter and perhaps receive a reply in a week or two, depending on how far away I was and how fast the mail travelled. Now, I get antsy when someone hasn't responded in 24 hours.

Crazy, huh?

BTW, thanks for dropping by, today. You're always welcome to visit and comment on the X-Spot.

Scary Monster said...

Hey look at this you actually got some people looking at you again. GOOD!
Stay cool big brother.

The Grunt said...

I don't have favorite blogs, only what I am feeling at the time determines what I will go to, usually.

I am definitely an analog man in a digital world. Wasn't that a theme from the Rush album "Signals"?