March 28, 2008


He made his way through the darkness and understood that the "league" was just a label; something that prevented him from seeing his true self.
This realization brought him pain. Knowing that more anguish lay in the future as he tore away other labels and emerged new and whole again; brought not trepidation but elation.


Ya know, a person can waste a lot of time just trying to figure out what is right and wrong with the world. In fact, one could waste just as much time doing it with one's own life, right?
Mathematics makes sense. It has rules and theorems, you follow them to a prescibed ending. As far as I know the answers to one problem never vary. You just work things out to their logical conclusion. This ought to tell you that I am not a mathematician. It's not that I don't like math. I do. I just wish I were better at it. I don't "see" numbers very well. Oh, I can do fairly simple things like count to twenty with my socks off and figure out how much change I get back after buying a bottle of bourbon from the local liquor store, but that's about as far as it goes.

Some people are a lot like math to me some are English. Those I get and get along with make life fun and easygoing. Those who elude understanding just make me want to try harder 'til I do get them.

Don't worry Crispy. I'm still workin on it! (^o^)/.


Mona said...

Dear Misplaced

You will be labeled to a cat-ego-ry ever now and then. You will love it too because its intrinsic nature of Man to enjoy company. You will face the pain if separation, as no company is permanent.
When you have moved from your center to your periphery, your life will touch the peripheries of some others. That will your profound experience. After every profound experience one has to be alone, one falls within one's own center. Then only you are, or not even you, but only only consciousness with no ego or identity to it. Naturally the elation will come.

There are no such thing as right and wrong, because something may be right at this moment and it may not be right the next moment. Right and wrong re not fixed entities, not any labels, yet that is what has been done uptil now : putting labels on them.A man who lives with fixed ideas lives a dead life. and he can never be spontaneous, or in a right relationship with the situation that exists; never respons-able as he would be functioning out of old conclusions that may not be relevant , without looking at the situation itself.

Do not , there fore teach right or wrong. Teach Awareness. Because everything that happens through accessing by awareness is right and any action that happens through unawareness is wrong.( the emphasis not being on action, but awareness or unawareness )

Right & wrong are dead categorizations & labeling, or crutches that will make you dependent forever & still you will remain crippled. Awareness on the other hand will make you stand on your own feet!

Yeah! I pop up again from my so said 'holiday'!

I am a pop soda! :D

moi said...

I have spent my whole life la, la, la, la, la-ing through the math. Luckily, I married an enginemeer. Division of Labor = Meaning of Life.

lime said...

oh now i feel guilty for burning my stats textbook back in college after the semester ended.....

Pink said...

I like geometry. I found it a bit like art.

I try my best to stop trying to figure anything out anymore. I think that might be the secret to contentment. That and knowing when the heart is telling you 'no'.

Pink said...

...and more importantly...when the heart is telling you 'yes'...

Kurt said...

I don't have any answers.

The Grunt said...


puerileuwaite said...

So true. For instance, when the Comic Books mention a "League of Justice", what is THAT all about? I think it's nothing more than an "Elks Lodge" for Superheroes.