June 03, 2009

Gettin back to basics

Ya, know something, I am an asshole. A bastard or maybe even a mutha fucker. I sometimes go out of my way to get you to think so. I don't really care which nomenclaure you lable me with just so long as it disassociates me from the regular run of the mill hoi polloi (yes, I realize a redundancy has raised it's ugly head).

You see I gotta be different or at the very least least feel like I'm special. I even burned my membership card to Steve Martin's non-conformists union.
This might sound like the start of a diatribe upon the ills of socialism, communism or possibly embolism.

It's not.

It's an echo of what I have been seeing, reading and feeling from folks all around me.
I might just be more than a little presumptuous and it wouldn't be the first time that I opened my mouth wide enought to fit more than a pair of EEE Doc Martin's into the amazing maw of misinterpretation, but I believe that we are all trying so hard to keep our heads above water in very rough seas that we are missing a really important distinction in what is happening to the world economy and it's effect on our lives and the actual world that we live in.

I am inlined to make an analogy of Orson Well's famous, or rather infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast.
Some of us are running in panic when there really isn't anything to panic about. At the very least there isn't anything we can do about the issues that are causing the anxiety.

The aliens have landed and you've got to find a course of action to take. (I ain't talkin about immigration issues here.)
1.Put your head in the sand and let the world pass you by.
2.Continue to live like you have without consequense or responsibility and let others pick up the slack.
3.Get off your duff and make some changes in your attitude and actions that will make a difference to the world around you. Yes, I realize that this is open to a lot of interpretation, but that is exactly how I mean it to be. I want to open the Wall-Mart can of worms and let us all wrangle the idea of doing the right thing until we figure out all the different ways we can make the sand castle better. The tide will keep us on our toes and constantly at vigil, but that is , as I see it, a good thing.
4. fill in your own particular opinion.

I can see the obvious objections to my ideas: I am using a blog- That's kinda mainstream these days.
I live in Japan - Rich, Hi Tech and without financial worries since the Honda civic was born.
Education- The backbone of my business and livleyhood- is always steady in good times and bad.
I have been sneaking off and indulging in my wife's cold medicine so I am totaly high and about as coherent as spooky Mulder chasing his sister's abductors.

If you've made it this far I truly congratulate you. It must have been harder to read through that bull crap then it was for me to write it (not really). some of it must have been fairly interestin, yeah?

Get rid of all the sillines that people will try to sell you and make sure your govt. officials aren't full of self interest, read: shit. Then get busy making you little part of the world work well for you and your neighbors. No matter who they are.

Don't sweat the big stuff. The small things count.

Have a nice day!


Grant said...

#4 - obviously, the financial woes are because too many Japanese women are in Japan when they should be in the Atlanta area. Work on that. Your current cough syrup enhanced mentality should be good for scaring them across the ocean. Once I have bunnied-up, I will be further motivated to work harder and earn more money and chainsaw greedy bank executives, thus solving everything.

lime said...

ya know i really couldn't agree more but i am walking around with a concussion too so interpret that as you will. i think i'd agree even if i were functioning at my normal level of derangement and loopiness though.

Beth said...

I hope you’re not insulted when I say you are not unique. The female equivalent for bastard is bitch. Which (contrary to blog posts) I am.
But, yeah, I’m trying to concentrate on those little things. The big ones are driving me mad.

Carla said...

Don't sweat the big stuff or you'll just be smelly.

Boxer said...

Funny, but when you're loaded with cough syrup, you actually make sense.


I agree with you.

NYD said...

Grant ol' buddy, there are quite a few bunnies I wish were across the pond. Unfortunately for you I wish they would take their male counterparts along as carry on luggage as well.

Mrs. Lime it ia apparent to me that we both see the world through kaleidesccope eyewear. Cool.

Beth not insulted- the skin is a little too thick and overcooked for that.
Yet realizing that I am just one more balding, overweight man going through a mid-life crisis without a new sportscar makes me just a little sad.

Carla~ Don't sweat at all and we'll explode!

Boxer~ Punch drunk?? How many fingers am I holding up?

I like the way you think too, kiddo.

Kurt said...

These cold medicine posts are the best!

Serena said...

I never sweat the big stuff any more. I was melting away to nothing. To answer the alien question, I'd march right up to their leader and hand them the keys to everything. God knows, they can't make any worse mess than we already have. Hope the cold is better -- which doesn't mean you have to give up indulging in the cold medicine.:-)

moi said...

I can certainly dig where you're coming from, although I'm not sure I can make sure my gub'mint officials are not full of shit. I mean, isn't that the very definition of government?

Mona said...

#4 stop those mindless wars!

Duh Huh! You have reminded me of my two neighbors in India...one of them murdered his wife in cold blood and the other nearly burnt their daughter in law to death! :/

Megan said...

I'm going to go take a shot or two of Nyquil and come back later. You have been warned.

NYD said...

Kurt~ Wait til I start mixing them with booze.

SJ~ Beam me up Scotty, this planet sucks.

Moi~ That is also the meaning of participatory democracy.

Mona~ What the hell kinda neighborhood do you live in? Sounds like the South Bronx.

Megan~ Ha Nyquil is for light weights.

Megan said...

I said a shot or two. ;)

Aunty Belle said...

Heh....WHAT is that medicine again?? yeah well, thang is, some of does think aliens has landed.

But the salient point is this,
"Then get busy making you little part of the world work well for you and your neighbors. No matter who they are."

True in every age, every society, every political structure.

Funny, NYD, I jes' now seen your INTERESTS. Why is ya into NLP? I'se curious iffin' ya use it to teach English or jes' use it like ya would hypnotism?

NYD said...

Megan= you certainly never back down from a challenge, do you?

Aunty~ Wow, nobody has ever really taken the time to look at my profile and comment on it.
I will give you an answer to your query quite soon.

The Grunt said...

I think we should all go back to wampum.