June 11, 2009

Making the cut

Ya know something? As cool as he was; Andy Wharhol was fulla crap!

"Everybody will be famous for 15 minutes." Bear soap!
A few of you might remember a post I did a few months ago in which I described the really fun times I had goofin' with a comedian on the street.
Well the show aired last Friday and my segment got left on the cutting room floor. Shucks, I was hopin to get another tatse of being on TV.

At least Mr Wharhol wasn't completely stupid. He might have actually been a little precient when he next stated: "I'm bored with that line. I never use it anymore. My new line is "In 15 minutes everybody will be famous"."

I guess he must have imagined the future world of the World Wide Web (of intrigue), Boogers, Faceplant and Twister.

Do you or do you know anyone who Tweets???


Serena said...

I guess I've had my 15 minutes -- and it wasn't all that. So much for Andy. I know some -- twitterers? Tweeters? Twits?:)

Mona said...

I guess Paris Hilton tweets...

Fifteen minutes of fame...The line on my Apollo mound is deeper...

Megan said...

None of my peeps tweets that I knows of. But maybe they are cutting me out...

Carla said...

Bummer your segment got cut. I guess they're saving you for greater things. I don't know any tweeters.

Anonymous said...

what's "Tweets"?

The only Tweets I know is a bird searching for another...I think.

All in all, 5 or 15 minutes who cares, it's the immortality you've created from that moment that lives on forever in celuloid world.

Love to all

The Grunt said...

I've been tempted to Twitter, but that would leave all my blog pals bitter.

Spin said...

I twitter

Beth said...

The “art” of editing – brutal and heartless.

I don’t Tweet (who the hell cares what I’m doing all day?) but know people who do.
This latest method of cyber communication is beyond my comprehension.
“Just put on another load of laundry - now writing the next great Canadian novel...”

Kurt said...

Someone adapted that for the Internet: "In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people."

Grant said...

I barely have time to blog these days and I've never bothered with Twitter. If it has hot pictures of Asian women, then I may change my mind.

lime said...

i can't even bear to consider twitter. it strikes me as an awfully ADD outlet.

Boxer said...

I'm too old to tweet - Blogging is hard enough to understand.

moi said...

What Boxer said. Besides, being a legend in my own mind is good enough por Moi.

NYD said...

SJ~ I gueass we both know some twits.

Mona Apllo Mound sounds way too sexy for me to comment on or Google.

Meagan~ Rockin Robin, Tweet, tweet tweet.

Carla~ "Their loss" is the only way I can take it. I had a great time with the guy

Halvah~ I have no immortality- except for my Donald Trump fan club card.

Grunt~ Guitar gods do not twitter, they strummmmmmmm

Spin~ I will search

Beth~ I bet you could make it inneresting iffin ya tried.

Kurt~ Someone is always ripping someone else off. Look at George W Bush; He plagerized Dr. Seuss for almost a decad.
I will not nuke them
Although I can. I will not nuke them Saddam I am...

Grant~ That's what it's all about ... Bunnies on the fly, Yeaaaaahhhh!

Lime~ I an so ADD right now. I am also listening to the soundtrack of Hair, so I am FBI, LSD, LBJ, IRT,USA, LSD I did LSD twicw 'cause it's so much fun!

Boxer~ Bullshit. Enquiring minds want to know what the hell you are doing!!

MOI~ Double bullshiiiiit!
You're never too busy to be busy body.