June 16, 2009

The more I try to get myself away from all the hairy bullshit in this world the tougher it gets. The wonderful folks who bring us all the nifty toys, gadgets and software make it all the more difficult to escape by making it all the more enjoyable to hang around the party to see what's going to happen next. Did I just type nifty???

I have discovered that even when you cut yourself off from electronic communication for a sort time or long, there is a strong desire to return with a tale or two of adventure.

We were born to communicate and that, my friends, is why things like the Internet, web logs and now twitter have become such powerful forces in our daily lives.

Take a look at the video above. I know it ain't art, but when was the last time you saw something like this and you weren't near a Wal-Mart at Christmas?

It goes back to the days when a guy named Marty told stories around the campfire and painted pictures on the walls of Lascaux.

The weekend was OK. I played golf (terribly) and ate and drank far more than is good for me. -Oh how unusual- Saw some bull fighting and even spent a couple of hours (Cue Baba O'Riley bactrack, Daa, da, da daaaaan) out in the fields planting, not al-fucking-falfa, but tomatoes. and trimming hedges. I wish I had taken pictures of the garden work. Japanese bushes (Grant, get yer head out of the gutter) are amazing. Trimming them was a serious piece of concentration and craftsmanship. I will post pics in the future or mabey hire Marty to paint them on your screen..

Twitter is fun. I can say all kinds of shit and it doesn't really bother me that it's essentially fluff. That's OK, How much serious conversation do we actually have in a 24 hour period. coming back home to my hum drum life and the day to day problems that come along with it ain't all that bad. I got someone to share my disgust and ennui with and in commiserating we will find a way to try something new. I'm thinking Victoria's secret and she's thinking shopping in Tokyo.

I guess it's back to story telling


Grant said...

From what I've seen, bunny bushes do often need trimming.

Dawn said...

I've tried twitter before just to see what all the fuss was about but I can't get into it.
hahaha... al-fucking-falfa...

lime said...

i can't bring myself to go to twitter. i don't need one more thing to lash me to the computer.

i like your story telling anyway. it always makes me smile.

Kurt said...

I hope to see a Japanese bush in person one day.

Spin said...

Please come see me Thursday for HNT!

Megan said...

I always liked Spin better than Marty. No, not the Spin just above me. Darn it, Spin, whoever you are, you are interfering with my Mickey Mouse Club comment...no offense meant.

Beth said...

By golly, you did use the word nifty. Gee whiz, what next?
(Hey, you sound more cheerful. ???)

NYD said...

Grant~ That is exactly why I keep a pair of zircon encrusted scissors in my hello kitty pencil case.

Dawn~ It's a simplified facebook wall. But I'm diggin it.

Lime~ Baby if you like my stories then I am just gonna hafta keep scratchin away!

Kurt~ Me too, hence the zircon implements for reducing the folicle acutrement on the more hirsute femmes.

Spin~ I is waitin on the FNT!

Megan~ I always wanted to hit Cubby with his own drumsticks.

Beth~ Shucks, I couldn't use the woord groovy. that would be like, lame ya.

(I am learnig to deal with a less than perfect situation by drastically reducing my desires and simplifying my goals)

puerileuwaite said...

Jeepers, did you REALLY write nifty?

Anonymous said...

No twitter for me but I do appear to be addicted to blogging.

(I was afraid to watch the video - did either of the bulls get hurt? I knew it would haunt me if I saw that.)

X. Dell said...

Is it my imagination, or am I not the only one around here who reads The Onion.

BTW, with respect to your comparison, are you implying that the average Wal-Mart customer is bovine? (:-)

NYD said...

Pug~ I just knew that your heightened sense of hearing would get you to respond to that.

Citizen~ The cool thing about these bullfights is that no bulls really get hurt.

X-Dell~ I get tweets from the Onion. Small doses work best for me.

Actually I am not certain if it was Wal-mart or K-Mart where shoppers stampeded (bovine-like)during a Christmas sale and killed a part time employee

Serena said...

Some days I think I'd like to marry Marty and help him graffiti the walls at Lascaux. Meanwhile, I think there's plenty of room for story-telling, tweeting, message boards, and all the other nifty ways of communicating with all kinds of people.

P.S. - I can't seem to find you on Twitter.

Carla said...

I had no idea the Japanese were into bull fighting. I've not yet had the joy of experiencing Twitter. Should I check it out, hmm.... Just one more thing I don't really have time for.

NYD said...

SJ~ It's the short sound byte style that I am finding attractive. Not the content, but the connection.
I am the Misplaced man on twitter too.

Carla~ The Japanese are into just about anything.
I have no time for most things. That's precisely why twitter is cool.

Mona said...

and I saw llamas today...
At a farmer's market of course. And No they were not fighting

Aunty Belle said...

Nifty? heh.

I cain't git the blogger video to load...but think I gits the idea.

Youse in a slough--whas' up wif' that?

An'...did I miss yore 'spalnation on NLP? Still itnerested.

NYD said...

Mona~ Please, please go here

Aunty~ I sent a letter to you at your Yahoo account.
If you have a different addy let me know it and I'll forward the mail to you. You can watch the You-HooTube versions here

Aunty Belle said...

uh-oh...I may have deleted it accidently. Please resend, NYD--so sorry!

Boxer said...

I do enjoy your stories, NYD, but your regular posts are pretty entertaining too.

Love the video.

The Grunt said...

Ever get a Twitter twister?

Kurt said...

I had a landlord named Ben whom I referred to as Ben Dover (just not to him).